The co-owner of Team Liquid commented on the failed results of the season

Steve Arhanset, co-owner of the European organization Team Liquid, commented on the disastrous results of the League of Legends roster season. In a frank monologue, Arhanset apologized to the fans for a poor season, as the team did not live up to expectations. The functionary also added that changes are expected in the future, as well as the organization intends to reconsider its approach to team formation.

This is Steve, co-CEO of Team Liquid. We're sorry it took a couple of days to break the news to all our fans. To be completely honest, it took me a little time to collect and organize all my thoughts. I wanted to make sure I provided more transparency. With that said, I think at the start of this season I was completely enamored with the idea of building a lineup that could potentially be the best the region has ever seen in a decade.

After competing so many times at the World Championships and failing so many times, there were many opportunities for us to showcase excellence and continue to build on our legacy as an organization. Yes, when we created the squad, we spent a lot of money, but we also received commitments from many partners. We convinced many stakeholders in Team Liquid that this was the year and I let all the players know that we are creating something special.

All great deeds come with a certain level of risk and, unfortunately, they have not lived up to expectations. I am incredibly disappointed with our performance. I get mad at myself for maybe not doing certain things. But it's normal to experience such emotions from the point of view of the owner, fan or player.

Now we have to do something about it. The current situation reminds me of the time when we had the curse of fourth places and that we are in that mental state where you don't want to accept the situation. You don't want to read Twitter because everyone is talking about how bad you are. But you rally and decide what will happen next. And that brings us to the fact that next year's lineup will be different, doubling down on some of the areas where we've had success.

We will also use the opportunity to grow players using Team Liquid's infrastructure, moving away from the concept of building a "super team" that has always worked for us only to a certain extent, but not completely. I think times are changing so we're going to make a lot of changes.

Right now we are in the thick of things. Every day I work very closely with the players and staff to do the right thing with everyone and appreciate our honesty in how we get to next season. I apologize to our partners and fans for what has been an epic failure. But I promise that we have not broken our will, and we will fight. We're going to prove to everyone that we can do something really special in League of Legends.

In the meantime, we will be rooting for other teams at the 2022 World Championship. We are here for the community and that is part of our love. Even if we don't compete, we will still be creating a ton of content around the world.

Recall that at the end of the current season, Team Liquid failed to qualify for the 2022 World Championship. The North American team took fourth place at LCS Summer 2022, stopping a step away from a trip to the World Championship. In addition, the team also missed the Mid-Season Invitational 2022, as they were only third at the LCS Spring 2022.

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