Team Flash updated their League of Legends roster

The Team Flash roster has been changed. The new players on the roster are Nguyen 'Phuc1' Minh Phuc, Jane and Pudding. The incoming players will join such esportsmen as Yoshino, Dante, Ikigai, Nogo and Arte. Whether they will continue to change their roster is currently unknown, we are waiting for the next announcements.

Updated roster of Team Flash

Although there was no official announcement, however, the esports club announced a roster with these players to participate in the Asia Star Challengers Invitational 2022, a championship with a prize pool of $65,000. Earlier, representatives of CERBERUS Esports made an announcement in social networks about the departure of these esportsmen.

16 participants of the Asia Star Challengers Invitational 2022 will compete for the main prize of $25,000. There, in addition to Team Flash, teams such as DAMWON Challengers, T1 Challengers, NongShim Redforce Challengers, FunPlus Phoenix Blaze, Edward Gaming Youth and others will take part.

Team Flash made it to Group D, where they will compete for the right to participate in the playoffs with Korean Streamer, J Team 2 and Sengoku Academy.

Of the newcomers who came, Phuc1, who previously played in the CERBERUS Esports roster, stands out the most from the rest. He has taken 3rd place at VCS B Winter 2020, as well as 4th place at VCS SPring 2021 and VCS Spring 2022.