Rogue did it: grand final 3-0 vs G2

From the 0-3 final to the 3-0 grand final. Rogue stomps G2 Esports.

Just a couple of minutes ago, the Rogue team without a chance defeated the best team in Europe G2 Esports in the grand final of the main tournament of the LEC Summer 2022 region. And this is all after the recent defeat of G2 Esports in the LEC finals with a score of 0-3.


Then only Worlds 2022 awaits us. And this time, history awaits us.

Odoamne pro final

After the games, Andrei " Odoamne " Pascu, top liner Rogue, had a short interview and the question "In the end, was it worth it?"

“It was absolutely worth it. Honestly..? Well, what a final! First to lose dry 0-3, only to stomp them 3-0, but already in the grand final. It's just poetic!"

Quick game review


Game 1 was one-sided and almost entirely dictated by Rogue. The incredible coordination of the jungler Malrang and the midlaner RGE Larssen allows you to overclock the entire map. And in the decisive fight for the dragon, Comp, playing on Kalista, saves Trymbi with an ultimate and throws up three at once. Later, ADK does a pentakill at the G2 fountain.


Already in the 2nd game, the intrigue remained much longer. The score for gold, objects was approximately equal, but still the dominance of RGE was felt. G2 Esports only had to play from the mistakes of their opponent, and for one such they almost punished RGE with a defeat. In one fight where Flakked on Sivir dealt over 10k damage, G2 almost managed to turn the game around. But Jankos set himself up a lot for the last Nashor, giving it away to RGE players for free, which played a decisive role.


The last 3rd game and again the strongest domination from RGE. The jungler of the Malrang team on Jarvan IV has shown phenomenal initiation for the second game in a row, which literally leads the allies to victory. The advantage in gold is almost 10 thousand already by the 20th minute. An unmistakable game from Rogue. Final with a score of 3-0 against the strongest team in Europe. Bravo!


Apparently, the MVP for this meeting was supposed to receive Malrang. But it becomes ADK Rogue Comp, which is no less well-deserved.