2 last days and 2 last matches of LEC Summer 2022

Tomorrow,September 10, the second final ofLEC Summer 2022 will take place, and a day later the grand final, in which it will become clear who will be the strongest League of Legends team in Europe this year. As expected, three top-tier teams claim the place: G2 Esports, Rogue and Fnatic.


Fnatic make their way into the lower bracket

The owners of the orange logo and the FNC tag finished the group stage in this split already in 5th place, which is why they got into the playoffs immediately in the lower bracket. Nevertheless, the experience of the team speaks for itself and for the 3rd meeting in a row they have won. Oddly enough, the most dangerous match was with Excel at the very beginning of the playoffs 3-2, and then, as if by thumb, they defeated Misfits Gaming with a score of 3-0 and MAD Lions, whom everyone was afraid of after the groups, but the match ended 3-1 in favor of FNC.

No matter what anyone says, Fnatic have been and remain one of the strongest teams in Europe at the moment. I believe that the Bo1 match format does not completely allow them to open up in the regular season, in which you can not immediately get used to the opponent. But already in the playoffs, where everything goes to Bo5, they demonstrate their experience.

Rogue and curse 2-3 places

For the 4th year in a row, the players of the Rogue team have shown a very decent and competitive game, without a chance to reach the finals of the LEC splits, but each time they lack quite a bit to take first place.

Even so, the team does not stand still and develops. At Worlds 2021, their result was much better than Worlds 2020. However, so far they have only managed to beat teams from minor regions and fight plus or minus on par with America.

To be completely honest, I don't think that RGE looks stronger than FNC and especially G2. So it is unlikely that we will see success similar to Gen.G Esports in Korea.

G2 Esports continue to dominate

Last summer split LEC Summer 2021 did not bring G2 to the Worlds even after the playoffs, after which the management of the organization changed and refreshed their League of Legends roster. I think it definitely did them good.

For almost a year of playing together, esportsmen have managed to get used to and play with each other, which is very clearly seen in the recent playoffs.

So far, they look the strongest in their region and have everything to take a high position even at the World Championships.