Evil Geniuses will perform at LCS Summer 2022 with a replacement in the roster

On the Evil Geniuses Twitter account, information appeared that the League of Legends roster will perform at LCS Summer 2022 with a replacement. Due to health issues, Kyle 'Danny' Sakamaki will not be able to visit Chicago in order to take part in an offline match.

The CEO of Evil Geniuses, Nicole 'LaPointe' Jameson, made this announcement in an address to fans:

Kyle has been integral to the success of Evil Geniuses this year in the LCS and there are not enough words to express his undeniable value to this team and organization. We at Evil Geniuses are more than just an organization, we are a family. We fight together, win together, lose together and support each other in any situation.

Kyle is part of this family and we will continue to support him in every way we can while he takes time off and we look forward to welcoming him again when he is ready.

We ask the fans of the LCS community to show Kyle nothing but the unwavering support and sympathy he deserves from all of us. Because this community is more than just fandom and rivalry, or trash talk and banter - it's about loving this esport.

Together we can become a positive force, understanding and supportive. We encourage you to remember that players are people too and that they dedicate their lives to this game, carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, for our entertainment.

Evil Geniuses previously defeated Team Liquid in the lower bracket semi-finals and reached the lower bracket final, where they now have to face 100 Thieves. In the upcoming match, the team will compete for reaching the grand final, where they will be expected by Cloud9. The match will take place on September 10.

Who will replace Danny in the roster is currently unknown. Probably the team will take Kaori, who plays on the bottom lane in the academic composition, to the roster.

Evil Geniuses made it to the top 3 and secured themselves an invite to the 2022 World Championship and a minimum reward of $30,000.

LCS Summer 2022 runs from June 18 to September 11. The total prize fund of the tournament is $200,000. And its distribution is carried out by 4 best participants of the event. 4th place has already been taken by Team Liquid, who were left without an invitation to the 2022 World Championship, but earned a minimum cash reward of $20,000. The winner, runner-up and bronze medalist will receive $100,000, $50,000 and $30,000 respectively.

Photo: Riot Games