Large organizations may leave Apex Legends

According to the Dot Esports portal, major esports organizations have a conflict with Electronic Arts over the distribution of profits from the sale of skins in Apex Legends. As a result, clubs are considering leaving the Apex Legends discipline, not wanting to be led by the developers.

According to rumors, the developers decided not to pay a percentage to organizations for the sale of their personalized skins. Immediately after the appearance of this information, the European organization Team Liquid allowed its players to look for options to continue their careers, in fact announcing their retirement from the discipline. At the same time, in the official announcement, the club clarified that the decision was not related to the results of the team.

The day before, EA Games officially unveiled the details of the next Apex Legends Global Series 2022-2023 competitive season. The upcoming season will include LAN tournaments, new regional events, and changes to the Challenger series.

If Team Liquid is indeed leaving Apex Legends due to conflicts it can't resolve with Electronic Arts and the way it manages its esports scene, that could be bad news for players and fans of other organizations in the scene. Many large organizations have only recently entered the discipline, and its LAN tournaments have proven the game's international appeal, especially in North America and Japan.

With an organization as large as Team Liquid seemingly poised to retire from the scene so quickly, this news does not bode well for the other organizations featured in the Apex Legends Global Series.

While other major players haven't officially voiced their position, the stage is still in limbo. Given how many large organizations have made it into the "elite" of the competitive scene, Electronic Arts is unlikely to want to lose attention amid the recent rise in popularity.