EA Games Reveals Apex Legends Global Series 2022-2023 Details

EA Games has officially unveiled the details of the next Apex Legends Global Series 2022-2023 competitive season. The upcoming season will include LAN tournaments, new regional events, and changes to the Challenger series.

Apex Legends Global Series 2022-2023 Format and Schedule

The Apex Legends Global Series 2021-2022 was the largest for the pinnacle of Apex Legends esports to date. With an epic year that featured thousands of players from 79 countries and territories around the world, culminating in nearly 11 million hours watched during the Year 2 Championship alone, it's clear that ALGS is much loved!

EA Games has revealed the details of the Apex Legends Global Series 2022-2023. Photo 1

The new ALGS season will be divided into two tiers: the ALGS Pro League for professional teams and the Challenger for semi-pro teams. The competition will also host a total of several LAN tournaments.

regular season

After each team completes their 36 regular season matches, the top 20 teams will advance to the Regional Finals. The Regional Final will consist of a series of points matches, the winner of which is guaranteed a place in the playoffs.

ALGS Pro League

The number of participants in the ALGS Pro League for each region has been reduced to thirty teams. This measure is necessary, according to the organizers, to ensure the highest level of competition in this division. Each region will be assigned 22 participants. The remaining 8 spots in each region will go to the top teams in the pre-season qualifiers.

LAN Tournaments

Apex Legends Global Series 2022-2023 will offer participants a total prize pool of $5,000,000 and will include three LAN tournaments:

Requirements for candidates

The minimum rank required to participate in the ALGS is now Silver IV (4). Players can earn this title by participating in the Apex Legends Ranked Leagues mode. This now increases the opportunity for more players around the world to compete in Apex Legends esports. In addition, pro players in the Pro League will have to compete on PC via Steam.

Challenger Series Updates

Another Apex Legends Global Series 2022-2023 enhancement is that the winning team in each Challenger Series will automatically qualify for the Split 2 Pro League Qualifier or Last Chance Qualifier, depending on the split.

Members of the ALGS Pro League