Astralis announces the start of cooperation with local authorities

Danish esports organization Astralis announces a partnership with local authorities to prevent accidents when handling fireworks among young people. The collaboration will develop between Astralis Talent and the Danish Office for Security Technology.

Mette Thorn, Head of Communications at the Danish Directorate for Security Technology:“Astralis has translated our current fireworks tips to fit into the gaming universe. popular in the near future to keep everyone at a distance and wear glasses next to the fireworks. "

The aim of the collaboration is to promote special goggles for eye protection. Two thousand limited edition goggles will be available at Astralis Nexus and other online locations across Denmark.

On the eve of the previous New Year's holidays, 6 out of 10 fireworks injuries were reported to have occurred among children and young people under the age of 25. Mostly young boys and men who forget glasses.

Safety glasses play a central role in the campaign as the Danish Safety Technology Authority has released limited edition glasses for real gamers. Designed as a edgy alternative to traditional glasses, the glasses are available for free at online cafes across the country.

The campaign will run until the New Year.