ESL Launches NFT Collection with NAVI, Astralis and Vitality

Tournament organizer ESL announced its intention to launch its own NFT collection together with partner organizations, including NAVI, Astralis and Vitality. The digital collection will include gloves and gear styled in the colors of esports organizations.

According to the press release, in partnership with TheFabricant and partner organizations, ESL will offer fans the ability to collect, own and trade digital items, thereby supporting their favorite team.

In addition to NAVI, Astralis and Vitality, the collection features digital goods from organizations such as Liquid, ENCE, Evil Geniuses, NIP and Fnatic.

Each organization will add 30 pairs of gloves and ten suits to the collection. The cost of NFT items will be 0.05 ETH and 0.15 ETH, respectively. The start of sales of the collection is scheduled for Friday, December 10th.

To purchase tokens, you need to register in the Coinbase Wallet app and connect it to the OpenSea exchange. After that, the user will be able to select the desired product and make a purchase.