Kayser Sachdev becomes Director of Team Relations at ESL Gaming

Tournament operator ESL Gaming announced the appointment of Kaiser Sachdev as Director of Team Relations. Sachdev will collaborate with esports teams participating in ESL tournaments. In addition, he will be tasked with working with the teams participating in the ESL Pro League.

Prior to joining ESL Gaming, Sachdev worked as Head of Recruitment for the International Olympic Committee. During his time at the Olympic Committee, Sachdev took part in the development of four Paralympic Games and played a key role in the creation of the first ever Paralympic refugee team.

Kayser Sachdev, new Director of Team Relations at ESL Gaming: “It's incredibly exciting for me to be able to combine my professional experience in the Paralympic and Olympic movements with my lifelong passion for gaming here at ESL Gaming. Working directly with the best esports teams in the world, together we are exploring new and innovative possibilities and making ESL Pro League the best product for players, teams and fans. "

The new role coincides with the growth of the ESL Pro League ecosystem, which will feature 15 partner teams in 2022. Teams that are part of the Louvre Accord "have extended rights and are guaranteed to participate in the tournament.