ESL has updated its rules regarding players who have faced account suspension

The tournament operator ESL has made amendments to its rules for Dota 2 competitions. Company representatives stated that players who have lost their accounts for reasons unrelated to the integrity of competitive matches will not be disqualified. The corresponding updates have been introduced in section 5.9.

VAC bans are taken into account for a period of two years from the moment they are issued. If a ban is unrelated to participation in competitive games, such as being issued for violations like account sharing in matchmaking, it will not be considered. Players are allowed to participate in games using a new account with a good reputation and without suspicions of previous account sharing.

If there is any uncertainty regarding the reason for the ban, it will remain in effect for two years from the date of issuance until a final determination is made.


In this way, ESL has taken measures in response to the widespread blocking of smurf accounts among esports players. Some of them have been deprived of access to their main accounts due to allowing other players to use them.