Immortals partnered with

Today esports organization Immortals">Immortals has partnered with the artificial intelligence lab 4 streamers will participate in the project over the course of one year: GosuHoon, Pterodactylsftw, AvaGG and Demisux. The main goal is, based on AI, to expand the reach of the audience of the aforementioned players and increase their interest in cryptocurrencies. is a Cambridge-based artificial intelligence lab building a decentralized open-access machine learning network for smart infrastructures. That is, in simple words, this is an AI that analyzes data from large platforms like Twitch and learns from this itself. And with the help of multifaceted statistics that the guys from will get from such an integration, streamers will get the opportunity to have a media boost.

Who are these 4 streamers?

Now let's talk about the project plans that are already known:

As declare themselves, this partnership - the first step to ensure that cryptocurrency add to the already well-formed industry of eSports.

Previously, there have already been many successful and not very successful attempts to make donations based on cryptocurrencies. Well, we will follow their development and see what comes of it.