Warzone's Covert Exfil Feature Faces Delay: Raven Software Responds to Player Feedback and Revamps Future Plans for a Thrilling Gaming Experience!

Raven Software has officially announced a delay in the release of Call of Duty: Warzone's anticipated Covert Exfil feature. Initially set to debut as part of the Season 1 Reloaded update on January 17, the Covert Exfil, a novel win condition, faced criticism from the Warzone community. Players expressed concerns that the feature contradicted the intense and competitive nature of Warzone gameplay. Responding to this feedback, Raven Software has decided to postpone the launch of the Covert Exfil and reevaluate its implementation.

The Covert Exfil feature, which allows up to five teams to purchase an early exit from the match, securing a win on the new Covert Exfil leaderboard, will be introduced in a future mode. Raven Software acknowledges the need for adjustments based on player input and aims to refine the feature within the context of this upcoming mode. The Weapon Case feature, initially slated for Season 1 Reloaded, will also be deferred until the new mode's launch. In this mode, a Weapon Case will spawn at the match's outset, visible on players' maps. Picking up the Weapon Case marks players for enemies, but successfully exfiltrating with it grants exclusive rewards for the player and their squad. The release date for the mode incorporating these features remains unspecified.


Despite this delay, Warzone's January 17 update will still introduce the Champion's Quest and a night vision public event in the Gulag. Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer will receive a ranked mode, new maps, playlists, and additional content. Moreover, a limited-time mode inspired by The Boys and a corresponding event will be introduced to Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer. Season 1 Reloaded will also usher in a new Warlord for Modern Warfare 3's Zombies mode.