Raven apologizes for the botched Warzone update and hints at the return of fan-favorite features

In the latest Warzone update released on Wednesday, players encountered several unpleasant issues, prompting Raven Studios to issue a formal apology. In an official statement posted on X, the studio expressed regret for the inconveniences players faced.


One of the major problems involved players getting stuck in a glitched state while interacting with equipment crates in the game. Some also experienced issues with the "Fetching Online Profile" error when attempting to access the in-game menu. These disruptions were attributed to conflicts between live player data and the studio's servers.

Raven Studios revealed that groundwork has been laid for the return of beloved features in upcoming seasons. This required preemptive setup in the live environment, and part of this work was integrated into the recent update. The studio's teams are actively investigating the issues and working to resolve them.

"As developers, we love this game and apologize for the disruptions caused by these events. Please understand that we hold ourselves to high standards, and the issues from yesterday did not meet our standards," stated the studio representatives.

Additionally, the studio's message hinted at the imminent return of popular features to Warzone. It emphasized that steps would be taken in future updates to prevent similar problems.

While an update has been deployed to address the launch issues related to Season 1 Reloaded, Raven advised players still facing problems with Loadouts to consider "swapping out their current Perk Packages or delete/remake Custom Perk Packages."

In conclusion, the studio pledged to bring back the Rebirth Island map and the Specialist bonus to Warzone, providing players with access to all perks. These changes are expected to be introduced in subsequent updates.

It's worth noting that plans to introduce a controversial new feature called Covert Exfil in Warzone have been postponed. This feature would have allowed players to call in a helicopter for an early exit from battle royale matches but faced significant community backlash upon its reveal. Raven Studios decided to delay its introduction, along with the accompanying Weapon Case objective, which will now be released as part of a dedicated mode.