Warped Realities: Call of Duty: Warzone's Latest Update Unleashes Mind-Bending Map Distortions on Ashika Island!

The most recent update to Call of Duty: Warzone has introduced a peculiar phenomenon, causing sections of the map to warp upwards in a surreal distortion of Ashika Island. While the battle royale game has undergone various location changes over the years, the latest patch has left the current Warzone map in disarray, reminiscent of the Modern Warfare 3 theme.

As the Call of Duty franchise expanded post-2020, Warzone has witnessed ongoing alterations. While these changes don't always align with the latest game releases, the current map still carries a Modern Warfare 3 aesthetic. In addition to the battle royale mode, players can also delve into a similar open-world experience in the new Call of Duty Zombies and the Modern Warfare 3 campaign. Despite these offerings, Warzone has not been immune to bugs, and the latest update has introduced a visual distortion to the Ashika Island map, making navigation a bit more challenging.

A Reddit user, Open24Seven, recently shared a video clip capturing their Warzone soldier navigating Ashika while being pursued. The footage reveals parts of the map hovering in the sky, with multiple buildings from the point of interest situated far above the regular playing field. The player proceeds to collect items from a Loot Cache before approaching the floating sections of the map. As they draw closer, the elevated Warzone map locations intermittently flicker in and out of view, providing glimpses of what should be there.


The video showcases Open24Seven near map sections that shouldn't be present on Ashika, resembling Verdansk or Al Mazrah. Several Call of Duty enthusiasts have noted that this specific bug has sporadically occurred since the beginning of Warzone Season 1. Some players suggest that this anomaly arises in games with high latency, hinting at potential lag on either the player's end or the server side.

In the competitive landscape of Warzone, such distracting bugs could prove detrimental to players like Open24Seven, potentially costing them a victory. Given the ongoing updates from Infinity Ward and Raven Software for Call of Duty: Warzone, there's hope that a future patch will address and rectify this issue. Considering that players have encountered variations of this bug since the inception of Season 1, it's plausible that developers are already aware and working towards a solution.