Details about the Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 1 Reloaded update

Starting from January 17 at 9 AM Pacific Time (12 PM Eastern Time/ 5:00 PM British Time/ 6:00 PM Central European Time), a major mid-season update will be released on all gaming platforms. It includes a wealth of new content for the multiplayer mode, Zombie mode, and Warzone.

In the multiplayer mode, a new 6x6 map called "Rio" will be introduced. This medium-sized battleground features a central trading center surrounded by a main street, tram station, market, square, cafes, and residential areas.

Among the new multiplayer game modes are team duels, infected, and headquarters. In the 4x4 ranked game, players will compete using the same settings, maps, and modes as in the Call of Duty League.

There is also a crossover with The Boys franchise, introducing the Kill Confirmed mode with temporary bonuses and the Supe Siege Challenge event. In the latter, players can unlock a special light machine gun blueprint.

In the Zombie mode, a new military commander named Dokkaebi from South Korea will appear, and by defeating him, players can earn high-level treasures.

Warzone will feature the Gulag Night Vision event, allowing players to battle in the dark, and a new objective called Weapon Case in the battle royale mode. The Weapon Case will appear in a small search zone at the beginning of each match, and players holding it and surviving until the end of the match or using a helicopter for extraction will receive exclusive rewards.

Activision explains that the secret extraction is a new victory condition, allowing players to call a helicopter at a high cost for an early exit from the match.

Champion's Quest will also debut in Urzikstan, challenging squads to win 30 games during the season or five consecutive matches to "conclude a devastating final stage."