Riot Games unveiled the list of partners in Europe, America and Asia

Riot Games has officially unveiled a list of 30 partners in Europe, America and Asia. The selected organizations will represent their respective leagues in the coming season and beyond, building the ultimate competitive ecosystem for VALORANT .

We have identified 30 teams so far and are confident that they are the right partners to help us build a new era in the sport and deliver an amazing experience to fans around the world. The process was incredibly competitive and we were overwhelmed by the interest and sheer volume of applications we received. The selection process lasted several months, including a written application, in-depth interviews and financial reviews.

Criteria that Riot Games presented to candidates:

  1. Organizations share common values - always put fans first, value a diverse community, and strive to support professionals
  2. Organizations create a strong bond with fans through compelling content, compelling branding, and exciting lineups
  3. Organizations are built for the long term, with a focus on sustainable development


Riot Games has unveiled a list of partners in Europe, America and Asia. Photo 1

The region is huge and wide and has an incredible FPS pedigree. We wanted to balance the teams that cover the whole territory and those that serve the largest national audience. In both of these groups, organizations are best in class in terms of fan engagement, competitive operations, and business acumen.

List of partner organizations for the European League:

The venue for the European League will be Berlin.


Riot Games has unveiled a list of partners in Europe, America and Asia. Photo 2

We believe that the American League will become incredibly competitive with teams that not only develop rosters that can compete with anyone in the world, but also showcase intense rivalries. We are fortunate to have found such a strong group of teams representing fans from across North America, Brazil and Latin America. These organizations have a proven track record of achieving success in esports and building brands with deeply loyal fans.

List of partner organizations for the American League:

The American League will be hosted in Los Angeles.


Riot Games has unveiled a list of partners in Europe, America and Asia. Photo 3

The Asian League is a showcase for organizations representing the biggest brands in the territory, with not only a hyper local fandom, but also huge international appeal. The composition of the teams has been carefully selected to ensure a broad representation of the vibrant mosaic of countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific region. Each of these teams has strong leadership that has given them the confidence to both field championship-level teams, attracting the best talent from every corner of the territory, and improve the ecosystem.

List of partner organizations for the Asian League:

Seoul will be the venue for the Asian League.

The next season will open the largest international tournament in the history of the VCT, where all 30 partner teams from Europe, America and Asia will take part. The venue of the tournament is Sao Paulo, Brazil. After the completion of the kick-off tournament, the three international leagues will start in March and last for eight weeks. The winners will be determined in May, that is, a month before the start of the Masters.