Ubisoft make changes to the competitive component of Rainbow Six Siege

Now the eSports competitive year will be called the season and will consist of stages. Separate e-sports programs will be held in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Upon completion of the three stages, Ubisoft will host Major tournaments.

In the majors, 16 participants will fight: 4 from each of the aforementioned divisions. The fourth stage will be allocated for the main Rainbox Six Siege Championship - Six Invitational. Recall that in the last of these, a considerable cash prize pool of $ 3,000,000 was raffled off. In addition to the Six Invitational, Ubisoft will also hold regional finals in which teams will increase to more significant leagues or decrease to less significant. Their performances will be evaluated using a specially invented scale, which will be based on the points earned by the teams and their results throughout the season. Regional finals and Major Championships will make significant adjustments to the ranking table.

In each of the divisions, the number of teams that can take part in the league was increased.

In Europe, in the regular season will play the top 10 teams that will break into the big leagues through a multi-level qualifying round.

Latin America was divided into three subregions: Brazil, Mexico and South America. All final meetings will be held in LAN format in Mexico.

The Asian division was divided into northern and southern regions. In the first, 12 teams will compete with each other, and the exact information regarding the second is not yet available. We only know that Ubisoft considers South Asia as a vector of direction in which they should develop their project.

The Canadian division will appear in North America, and the quality of tournaments will be improved.

The developers promised to share a lot of information regarding the e-sports component in the near future.