A Mysterious Spaceship Crash on Dorado Map Teases New Overwatch 2 Hero

A spaceship has crash-landed on the Dorado map in Overwatch 2, sparking excitement among players. This enigmatic vessel contains intriguing clues, including a Morse code message and a photograph, which strongly suggest it’s a teaser for Space Ranger, the upcoming support hero in Overwatch 2 Season 12.

Overwatch 2’s Recent Update Brings Surprises

Overwatch 2 recently released a significant mid-season balance patch that boosted tank heroes' abilities. The update also launched a collaboration with Transformers and kicked off this year’s Summer Games. Amid these changes, an intriguing Easter egg has been discovered on one of the game’s maps.

Discovering the Spaceship

The spaceship can be found crashed in the center of the courtyard at the first attacker spawn point on the Dorado map. This appearance coincides with the recent disappearance of a mysterious comet seen by players a few weeks earlier, linking the two events. The contents of the crashed pod strongly suggest it’s a teaser for the new hero, Space Ranger.


Unraveling the Clues

Inside the pod, players can hear rhythmic beeps, which appear to be a Morse code message. An Overwatch 2 fan named Coathar deciphered the code, revealing the ship belongs to someone named “J.” Additionally, a photograph of Mei and another woman, presumed to be “J,” was found inside the vessel. Mei occasionally mentions a grad school friend named Jiayi, who works in an aerospace program, suggesting that Space Ranger might be Mei’s friend returning from Mars.

Anticipating the New Hero

Further adding to the excitement, some players have reported seeing a familiar error window during matches, indicating that certain hero customizations aren’t available. This error previously appeared before the early trials for heroes Mauga and Venture, hinting that Blizzard might be preparing for Space Ranger’s introduction.


Preparing for Season 12

According to the in-game interface, Overwatch 2 Season 12 will begin on August 20. Previous early playtests for new heroes occurred about a month before their official release, so players might learn more about Space Ranger in the coming weeks. In the meantime, players can participate in the Transformers and Summer Games events to earn various rewards and Battle Pass experience to gear up for the next season.