Overwatch 2 Meta Shakeup: Mauga and Orisa Set for Game-Changing Adjustments in Season 9

Overwatch 2 has officially announced forthcoming adjustments for Mauga and Orisa to fine-tune their power levels. As Overwatch 2 constantly evolves to maintain a balanced meta, certain heroes can occasionally pose challenges for players.

Following a rework in Overwatch 2, Orisa became a formidable pick with heightened survivability and crowd control capabilities. Despite subsequent nerfs, Orisa was initially deemed overpowered due to disruptive changes in her kit. Mauga, introduced as a new hero late last year, centered his playstyle around aggression and quickly earned a reputation as broken, primarily due to features such as life steal, damage output, and a potent ultimate ability. While both Mauga and Orisa remain popular choices for Overwatch 2 tank players, adjustments are on the horizon for these characters.

Alec Dawson, lead hero designer for Overwatch 2, confirmed additional changes for Mauga and Orisa. Dawson shared on Twitter that the development team is contemplating redistributing more of Mauga's power to reward aggression. Regarding Orisa, he mentioned the need for a reevaluation in terms of power allocation, with recent adjustments, such as the removal of falloff damage, already underway. Mauga, a controversial figure in Overwatch 2 Season 8, experienced substantial nerfs to temper his firepower.


In addition to discussing the forthcoming changes for Mauga and Orisa, Alec Dawson provided insights into the current state of the Overwatch 2 meta after the release of patch 2.8.1. Describing the update as "a healthy patch overall," Dawson noted an improvement in Orisa's win rate, which previously dipped below 40%. He highlighted Ramattra's strong performance across all ranks and expressed satisfaction with the performance of all tanks, with Mauga remaining viable in most ranks but facing increased challenges at higher skill levels.

Overwatch 2 has been contemplating more intricate changes for heroes like Wrecking Ball and Cassidy, although specifics were not disclosed. Alec Dawson concluded by teasing "big shakeups" in Overwatch 2 Season 2, promising more details soon.

As Overwatch 2 Season 9 approaches, players anticipate both confirmed and unannounced changes. Notably, Season 9 will introduce a significant alteration, providing Damage and Tank heroes with a passive self-healing ability. Mauga and Orisa enthusiasts eagerly await revelations about the future of their favored heroes and their roles in the evolving Overwatch 2 meta.