Unlocking Overwatch 2 Elegance: Grab the Exclusive Rosewood Moira Skin for Free with Amazon Prime Gaming!

Until February 15, Overwatch 2 enthusiasts can acquire the stunning Rosewood Moira skin for free, courtesy of Amazon Prime Gaming. As a perk for Amazon Prime subscribers, Prime Gaming consistently delivers complimentary games and in-game content, catering to titles like the highly anticipated Overwatch 2.

The collaborative effort between Blizzard and Amazon dates back several years when Overwatch players enjoyed exclusive content capsules via Twitch Prime. Now rebranded as Amazon Prime Gaming, this collaboration persists with Overwatch 2, offering players valuable incentives such as battle pass skips to ease the grind for pass rewards. Among the coveted freebies are exceptional skins, with notable additions like the legendary D.Va Waveracer and Reinhardt Conductor. The latest reveal from Amazon Prime Gaming introduces a limited-time cosmetic delight.

Presenting the Overwatch 2 epic Rosewood Moira skin, available for claiming until February 15. This exquisite skin adorns the formidable Talon scientist, Moira, in a sophisticated gray ensemble complemented by shades of black and purple. A distinctive rose-shaped eye patch adds an extra touch of flair. To secure this exclusive skin, Overwatch 2 players need to visit the official Prime Gaming website, locate the game page, and follow the provided instructions. Originally part of a bundle costing 1,700 coins (equivalent to over $15), the Rosewood Moira skin was initially released last year.


As of now, the Rosewood Moira skin stands as the sole Overwatch 2 offering through Amazon Prime Gaming. However, the game's page hints at forthcoming rewards, with the next reveal scheduled within the next four weeks. Rosewood Moira follows a lineage of epic skins bestowed upon Overwatch 2 players by Amazon Prime Gaming, including D.Va, Reinhardt, and the earlier epic Junkrat skin. Additional epic outfits like Golfer: 76 for Soldier: 76 and Owl Guardian for Mercy have also graced players before Moira took the spotlight.

Beyond the realm of Overwatch 2, Amazon Prime Gaming extends its generosity to include an array of new free games. This month's offerings encompass indie gems such as Atari Mania, featuring a captivating original story from Atari Games. The loot bonanza doesn't end there, as Blizzard enthusiasts can revel in rewards like a random standard epic card for Hearthstone and the coveted Swift Windsteed mount for World of Warcraft. The collaboration between Amazon Prime Gaming and Overwatch 2 continues to elevate the gaming experience, making it a rewarding journey for avid players.