Bugs Unleashed: Overwatch 2 Fan Unveils Jaw-Dropping 'Bug-Mattra' Skin Concept for Ramattra, the Omnic Tank Hero!

A creative Overwatch 2 enthusiast has unveiled an impressive bug-themed skin concept for Ramattra, the Tank hero. Ramattra, an Overwatch 2 exclusive hero, could potentially win the hearts of bug enthusiasts with this imaginative skin concept.

Overwatch 2's release brought about revamped looks and abilities for all heroes from the first game, with ongoing seasonal content adding freshness to the sequel. Ramattra, introduced in Overwatch 2 Season 2, swiftly gained popularity as a Tank hero. As an Omnic, Ramattra possesses the ability to transform into a formidable damage dealer, despite experiencing some nerfs post-release. The hero maintains his popularity within the Tank category. The Bug-Mattra skin concept envisions a radical transformation for Ramattra, departing from the Bee design for D.Va.

Shared by Reddit user Silveme, the Bug-MattraOverwatch 2 skin concept showcases meticulous attention to detail from every angle. The skin, featuring two forms in alignment with the Overwatch 2 Tank hero's design, boasts a green color palette with red and silver highlights, resembling a mantis. Ramattra's head undergoes a significant alteration in this bug-inspired variant, adopting bug-like features such as red eyes and mandibles resembling a mantis. The base form of the skin includes red and white wings, while the Nemesis form incorporates an egg on its spine. In the larger form, wings envelop Ramattra's neck, connecting to a loin cloth via coils visible from the back.


The Bug-Mattra concept ingeniously transforms Ramattra's staff to mimic bug parts, featuring a small floating egg within the crescent. The intricate design suggests its potential as an Overwatch 2 Mythic skin for the Tank hero. The high-detail sketches maintain Ramattra's robotic essence, with green armor crafted to resemble bug components. Fans have even proposed variants, envisioning a white moth-inspired version and a yellow-and-black iteration resembling a wasp.

Given that Overwatch 2 receives regular updates, this Bug-Mattra concept might find its place in the game's cosmetic lineup in the future. As some existing skins already showcase bug motifs, like D.Va's B.Va and Orisa's Grand Beast Mythic, this imaginative Ramattra bug concept could seamlessly integrate into the evolving world of Overwatch 2.