Kiriko is the new hero of Overwatch 2: class, abilities, release date

On September 15, a video introducing a new Overwatch 2 character was released on the official Overwatch YouTube account. It will be Kiriko.

A short video of 1 minute 40 seconds reveals a lot of details about the character. Almost everything fit: from the abilities of the character to her class.

The role of Kiriko

Based on the video, it becomes extremely clear that the heroine's specialization is support. Apparently, Kiriko will be similar to Moira and Lucio, but Blizzard did not give indirect confirmation of this.

You can understand the role of a hero by her abilities. It is too obvious that they are aimed at supporting teammates.

Character abilities

We do not have a complete overview of the hero's skills, as well as their names, but there is room for fantasy. The video showed all the skills of Kiriko:

Guesses may turn out to be false, but soon we will receive confirmation or refutation of the above.

Release date in Overwatch 2

Kiriko will be available on October 4th when Overwatch 2 launches. She will be one of the characters that players can unlock in the Battle Pass Free Rewards feed.