Karmine Corp are close to signing Hans Sama. Rekkles is looking for new opportunities

The editors from the upcomer portal, citing their sources, claim that changes in the League of Legends roster are coming to Karmine Corp. Club representatives have a great interest in Hans Sama, who is now listed in Team Liquid.

Not the most successful season in Liquid is likely to put an end to the performances of the Frenchman in the US-Dutch club. Thus, a bot lane player can change in Karmine Corp, and Steven Liv will come to replace Rekkles.

The information leak happened yesterday, so in the near future we can expect interesting relevant announcements from Karmine Corp and Team Liquid.

Hans Sama wants to return to the European division of League of Legends after he, along with his team from Team Liquid, could not make it to the 2022 World Championship. Liquid, by the way, publicly announced that they were going to change the roster, but there were no announcements about the exact personnel changes yet.

Since then, several European clubs have already expressed their interest in Steven 'Hans Sama' Liv, but Karmine Corp seems to be the one most interested in him.

As for the latter, they are not yet included in the list of participants in the main European league in LoL, LEC, but this may change after the purchase of the corresponding slot from Astralis.

Last month there was information about the desire of Karmine Corp to buy a seat in the LEC.

Based on the available data from insiders, Hans Sama is considering an offer received from Karmine Corp and, if certain conditions are met, he may come to the team and replace Rekkles there.

Where exactly Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson can continue his career is currently unknown, but the player should not worry about his esports path, as the Swede is one of the most famous representatives of Europe.

Likely composition of Karmine Corp

The season for Karmine Corp turned out to be variable in terms of luck. The team took 6th place in the last tournament they took part in, at LFL Summer 2022, but before that they lifted the European Masters Cup Spring 2022.

Karmine Corp are close to signing Hans Sama. Rekkles is looking for new opportunities. Photo 1

Hans Sama began his career as a professional League of Legends player in 2014 under the tag The Gentle Team. Later, he played in such teams as E-corp Gaming, Millenium, Misfits and Rogue, after which he began cooperation with Team Liquid in November 2021.

During his career, he was able to become the champion of the LCS Lock-In 2022, receiving $150,000 with the team there, as well as break into the 2017 World Championship and reach the top 8 as part of the Misfits. This result brought the team a reward of $183,863. For all the time, Hans Sama was able to overcome the mark of $150,000 in prize money earned.

Karmine Corp are close to signing Hans Sama. Rekkles is looking for new opportunities. Photo 2

Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson is a legendary European esportsman known all over the world. He is best known for playing for Fnatic. He started his career at this club in November 2012. He later played for PrideFC, Copenhagen Wolves, Alliance, Elements, G2 Esports and Karmine Corp. He joined the latter in November 2021. Apart from the victory at the European Masters Spring 2022, Karmine Corp did not have a good season as a whole.

Rekkles has victories at the EU LCS Summer 2018, EU LCS Spring 2018, EU LCS Summer 2015 and EU LCS Summer 2014. he took 2nd place, losing in the final against Invictus Gaming. The reward for Martin and his teammates was $870,750.

Over the course of his career, Larsson has earned over $480,000 in prize money and is close to a solid $500,000.