Riot Games conduct an unusual poll

Riot Games periodically conduct interesting surveys among players in League of Legends (and not only), but the latter has become quite unusual and surprised the audience of LoL fans.

The developers of the game are asking if players have sympathy for characters from the world of League of Legends and would like to hypothetically have a romantic relationship with one of the characters from this MOBA.

Thematic discussions have already begun on the reddit forum, and users are sharing their impressions of one or another character from LoL with might and main. Riot Games sent out surveys to users with specific characters. Someone was asked about whether the player would enter into a relationship with the Pantheon, and someone was asked the same question about Serafina.

Users reacted to the survey with humor and were glad that no one from Riot Games asked about Annie, who, according to the lore of the game, was not even 10 years old. It is noteworthy that some members of the audience received a topic question about Zoe, who, although she looks like Annie in age, but according to the lore of the game she is several thousand years old.

Most likely, Riot Games is conducting a social survey in order to prepare well for some upcoming event. The creators of League of Legends have repeatedly created some of these events in the form of a visual novel, which is based on a line of certain skins.

This time they want to hit the target and guess with the favorites so that the players are satisfied with the work done.