Rumors: LPL transfers

On the LPL Fanclub Twitter account, which regularly shares interesting insides, another information has appeared that came from internal sources. Insiders talked about what transfers can be made in the LPL league and in particular in the Bilibili Gaming team.

Doinb will most likely go to Bilibili Gaming. This club is also currently in contact with Rookie, who is in turn part of the Victory Five. Both players can potentially replace FoFo and icon and thus close the mid position.

Uzi may re-contract with Bilibili Gaming. On June 1, a bot lane player ended contact with this organization. If this happens, then he can replace Doggo in the starting roster and play in the bottom lane.

Bin and Crisp will most likely renew their contracts with Bilibili Gaming, and Ning or Tarzan could become the new roster jungler. Now Ning is listed in Invictus Gaming inactive. Tarzan, in turn, is active in LNG Esports.

Based on all the above rumors, Bilibili Gaming's roster might look like this:

Such cardinal changes are caused by the fact that in LPL Summer 2022 Bilibili Gaming showed an unsatisfactory performance and took 9-10th place in the standings, failing to get into the list of winners. Their path to the playoffs ended after the first round, when the team lost in the fight against LNG Esports with a score of 1-3.

LPL Fanclub often tell interesting insiders, which then turn out to be correct. This means that in the near future it will be possible to expect announcements from Bilibili Gaming regarding transfers made in their roster.

Photo: Riot Games