Unlock Limited-Time Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Icons on Nintendo Switch Online!

Nintendo Switch Online members can now access new profile icons inspired by Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. These icons, available for a limited time, can be unlocked as NSO members play Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels during the designated period.

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels joined Nintendo's Switch Online NES library in 2019, originally released in Japan as Super Mario Bros. 2. Known for its formidable difficulty, this sequel prompted Nintendo to create a different Mario sequel for Western audiences. Despite its challenges, the game retains the visual style of the original Super Mario Bros., providing a tough yet familiar experience for players.

According to NSO Icons Alerts on Twitter, these new icons will be unlockable until August 5th. Alongside classic choices like Mario and Luigi, the collection includes a surprising addition: Bowser's Brother, known variably as a twin or an imitator of Bowser, depicted in its distinctive bluish hue, which has garnered positive feedback in comments. This update follows previous sets of unlockable icons such as those from Mario vs. Donkey Kong.


Unlockable Icons Inspired by Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels:

Nintendo Switch Online's Missions and Rewards system, introduced in 2022, offers players incentives to earn exclusive avatars, icons, and backgrounds, including these Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels icons. It also serves to promote newly added classic games on the subscription service and encourages players to engage with these titles. Recently, NSO members are required to play retro games before purchasing icons, further highlighting classic games available on the service.

While some may view it as a novelty, Nintendo Switch Online's Missions and Rewards system holds potential as it not only promotes playable games but also provides unique graphics as achievements for players. With a variety of games on the service and more potential additions in the future, fans eagerly await the inclusion of their favorite characters and themed graphics, hoping Nintendo will consider their wishes.