Honkai: Star Rail Leaks Reveal Balance Adjustments for Imaginary March 7th

Recent leaks from Honkai: Star Rail have unveiled several balance changes for the upcoming Imaginary March 7th variant, set to debut in version 2.4. Over the past weeks, details about March 7th's skills and model have surfaced, alongside rumors suggesting she will be obtainable for free by the end of July.

March 7th marks the third character in Honkai: Star Rail to receive a new form, following five-star units Dan Heng and Trailblazer. Leakers indicate she will be an event reward in the initial phase of version 2.4, with three Eidolons also slated to be available for free during the event. Players are advised to approach these leaks cautiously until official confirmation.

According to the leak from Dim, the balance adjustments for Imaginary March 7th include a decrease in DEF and SPD, along with a slight increase in HP. Her enhanced basic attacks now provide a 40% damage bonus instead of the previously reported 50%, and her traces boost CRIT damage by 24% rather than increasing CRIT rate by 11.9%.


Honkai: Star Rail's Imaginary March 7th is anticipated as a four-star unit specializing in Imaginary damage, suitable for the DPS role. Her basic attacks scale with a percentage of her ATK and generate charges. Additionally, her passive ability grants charges each time she uses an attack or ultimate, enhancing her damage output as charges accumulate.

To upgrade March 7th, players will need materials like Thief's Instinct, Usurper's Scheme, Conqueror's Will, Horn of Snow, and Credits.

Beyond March 7th's debut, Honkai: Star Rail version 2.4 will introduce Yunli and Jiaoqiu, representing the Destruction and Nihility paths respectively. The update will also include rerun banners for Huohuo and Black Swan. The anticipated release date for Honkai: Star Rail version 2.4 is around July 30th.