Elden Ring Dataminers Uncover Deleted Cutscene in Shadow of the Erdtree DLC Featuring St. Trina

Dataminers exploring Elden Ring's latest DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, have unearthed a deleted cutscene involving NPC St. Trina. This scene, discovered by Sekiro Dubi, reveals St. Trina expressing gratitude to the Tarnished for eliminating Miquella. The dialogue hints at St. Trina's relief, possibly indicating freedom for someone pivotal to the game's lore.

Elden Ring's lore, known for its complexity and ambiguity, continues to intrigue players even years after its release. The DLC introduces new mysteries, and the revelation of this cutscene adds to the ongoing community discussions about the game's narrative depths.

Fans are speculating on the implications of St. Trina's words, particularly in relation to her earlier request for Miquella's demise to prevent his entrapment in godhood. While some argue the cutscene's exclusion might leave St. Trina's story arc somewhat incomplete, others debate whether its removal was justified.

Additionally, players are questioning if more hidden content remains undiscovered within the DLC, particularly in areas like the Abyssal Woods and Ancient Ruins of Rauh, which some feel lack substance.

As Elden Ring enthusiasts await further insights from dataminers, the discovery of this deleted scene has sparked renewed interest in the game's intricate narrative layers.