Player Creates Hilarious Saul Goodman Character in Elden Ring: Breaking Bad Fans Rejoice!

A fan of both Elden Ring and Breaking Bad has delighted the community by creating an in-game character inspired by Saul Goodman. Using Elden Ring's character creator, the player crafted a remarkably accurate depiction of the lawyer from Breaking Bad, complete with a clever name that pays homage to the character.

Released in 2022, Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware, has captivated the gaming world with its open-world exploration. The game has recently seen a surge in popularity thanks to its expansive new DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree. This expansion invites players back to The Lands Between with new characters, areas, and enemies. Elden Ring has sold over 20 million copies since its launch, and with the release of Shadow of the Erdtree, it has reclaimed the top spot on digital platforms like Steam. The game's community continues to thrive, showcasing its creativity in various ways.

The player's Saul Goodman-inspired character sparked discussions on the official Elden Ring subreddit. Elden Ring offers extensive customization options through its character creator, allowing players to shape their Tarnished in unique ways. Reddit user luvinha_ shared their rendition of Saul Goodman, complete with details that closely resemble the character portrayed by Bob Odenkirk in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. To add a humorous touch, the character was named "Let me sue him," a nod to Saul's legal profession.


Despite being released over two years ago, Elden Ring remains at the forefront of gaming discussions, particularly with the excitement surrounding its latest DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree. This expansion introduces a wealth of new content, including expansive areas to explore, a variety of weapons and items to collect, and challenging new bosses that test players' skills. Shadow of the Erdtree significantly expands upon Elden Ring's already vast world, offering players countless hours of new adventures.