Bethesda Addresses Fallout 76 Art Mix-Up, Collaborates with Fan Artist for Future Content

Fallout 76 has allegedly used some Vault Boy fan art without its creator's permission. However, this seems to have been an error that the Fallout 76 team has already taken steps to remedy.

Bethesda's West Virginia-set live-service RPG regularly introduces new artwork. In addition to seasonal content, this art is often added as part of the weekly Atomic Shop rotation, typically included in item bundles and other in-game storefront listings.

Fallout 76 Flag Waving Bundle Reportedly Used Unofficial Vault Boy Artwork

On July 2, a new item pack called the Flag Waving Bundle was released. The first image in the pack's contents gallery featured Fallout's Vault Boy mascot. However, this particular artwork wasn't made by Bethesda but was created by Zack Finfrock. Finfrock took to Twitter to claim that the illustration was included without his permission shortly after the Flag Waving Bundle debuted in the Atomic Shop.


Bethesda Has Already Replaced the Unofficial Atomic Shop Bundle Icon

Finfrock acknowledged that he doesn't own the Vault Boy character but said he would have welcomed the opportunity to draw a "newer, better version" of his flag-waving artwork if Bethesda had contacted him beforehand. He tagged Fallout 76 Creative Director Jonathan Rush in his tweet, who promptly apologized and explained that the inclusion of the image was a mistake due to a mix-up with an external vendor. Rush stated that the developer was already in the process of replacing the image.


Future Collaborations with Finfrock

As a result, Finfrock will create some artwork for future Fallout 76 bundle assets and at least one of the game's daily messages. Contributing to the franchise officially may be a dream come true for the LA-based artist, who has spent over a decade producing unofficial Fallout works, including memes, other types of artwork, and a full-fledged web series called Fallout: Nuka Break.