Honkai: Star Rail Officially Reveals Two BP-Exclusive Icons in Version 2.3

Honkai: Star Rail has officially unveiled two exclusive icons available to players through the Version 2.3 premium Nameless Honor battle pass, featuring the highly-anticipated Firefly. As the HoYoverse sci-fi RPG approaches its Version 2.3 update, the developers have teased plenty of exciting additions in the new patch. Version 2.3 will introduce two brand-new characters, Firefly and Jade, along with new game modes like Divergent Universe and Apocalyptic Shadow. The upcoming battle pass will prominently feature one of these new characters.

Since her first appearance in the story of Honkai: Star Rail's latest world, Penacony, Firefly has been one of the most eagerly awaited characters in the game's history. She plays a significant role throughout the world’s story, becoming a key figure in one of Penacony's biggest plot twists. Fans have long speculated about her eventual inclusion in the playable roster, and HoYoverse has finally confirmed that Firefly will be a playable character following the Version 2.3 update. Players who purchase the next battle pass will receive a special Firefly bonus.

A recent update from HoYoverse has officially revealed the two exclusive in-game icons available through Nameless Honor in Version 2.3. The Nameless Honor update will introduce icons based on both Firefly and Stellaron Hunter Sam, which players can obtain by purchasing Honkai: Star Rail's premium battle pass. Notably, the battle pass does not include an exclusive icon for the upcoming five-star character Jade, who will be released during the second half of Version 2.3. The Nameless Honor battle pass for Version 2.3 will be available with the update's release on June 19.


Fans have many reasons to be excited about Firefly's addition to Honkai: Star Rail. Firefly is expected to debut as one of the game's most powerful damage-oriented characters, introduced as a Fire character in the Destruction Path. Her abilities will heavily focus on Break Effect, with her Enhanced Skill gaining bonus damage based on her Break Effect. Fans are already speculating that past Break Effect characters like Ruan Mei and Harmony Trailblazer will make powerful party options to maximize Firefly's damage potential.

With Honkai: Star Rail's Version 2.3 update set to launch next week, HoYoverse has started teasing players about the game's future. The official subtitle for Version 2.3, "Farewell, Penacony," indicates that the update will conclude the main story of Star Rail's newest world. The confirmed characters for Version 2.4 hint at a return to the Xianzhou Luofu, with new characters Feixiao and Yunli set to debut alongside a highly-anticipated variant of March 7th. Firefly's launch in Version 2.3 will serve as Star Rail's grand sendoff for Penacony.