The Steam Deck has official compatibility with 13,000 games

Experts from Gaming on Linux have noticed that the number of games supported on the Steam Deck has surpassed the mark of 13,000. According to SteamDB, 4355 projects are fully optimized, while another 8751 could run on the portable device with additional settings. This totals to 13,106 games available for launch on Valve's device.

However, the actual count of playable games on the Steam Deck is much larger, as users have the ability to launch games that aren't officially supported by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, this might lead to errors and unstable performance in such cases.

Approximately 3700 games are officially not supported on the Steam Deck. This is due to developers utilizing anti-cheat software and functionalities that aren't compatible with the Proton technology for running games on Linux.

It's worth noting that back in June, the number of supported games on the Steam Deck was 10,000, with over 12,000 total functional projects. The release of the portable console took place in February 2022, while the OLED version was launched in November of the previous year.