Elden Ring's Unforgiving Twist: Dragon Slayer's Victory Thwarted by a Surprising Adversary – The Dreaded Dragonfly

An unfortunate Elden Ring player experienced a bitter twist of fate as their triumphant victory against a formidable dragon ended in an unexpected demise—courtesy of a seemingly harmless dragonfly. Despite Elden Ring being perceived as more accessible than other titles from FromSoftware, it remains a challenging game, as highlighted by numerous incidents shared by players since its 2022 release.

The latest misadventure comes from a Reddit user, rocker2021, who posted a clip showcasing their encounter with Glintstone Dragon Smarag in Elden Ring and the unexpected turn of events that unfolded immediately afterward. The video captures the intense battle's climax, with rocker2021 successfully dealing several blows to the dragon. As the dragon falls with the triumphant message "Great Enemy Felled" appearing on the screen, a seemingly inconspicuous dragonfly swoops in and delivers a fatal blow to rocker2021, who had only a sliver of health remaining after surviving the dragon's last attack.


Despite the player's lack of Flask of Crimson Tears, it appears they were on the verge of employing the Heal incantation before the unexpected dragonfly intervention. The clip serves as a stark reminder that Elden Ring players are never entirely safe, as unforeseen events can lead to untimely deaths even after overcoming formidable foes.

The Reddit post's comments section is filled with humorous remarks about the dragonfly's unexpected heroics, with one user playfully speculating on the insect's pride in taking down Elden Ring's main character. Another player expressed relief at rocker2021 securing a confirmed kill, highlighting the potential frustration of dying right before the victory message appears, necessitating a boss fight restart.

Some observant players noted rocker2021's relatively low health, suggesting that leveling up the Vigor stat in Elden Ring could prevent similar deaths. Additional videos support this idea, showcasing that having increased health through Vigor can enhance gamers' survivability in unforeseen circumstances.