Steam Unleashes 'Boomer Shooter' Category: Nostalgia-Fueled Blast from the Past Takes Over Gaming

Steam has introduced a new gaming category called "Boomer Shooter," a term that playfully mocks fans of traditional-style shooters on the platform. Despite its humorous title, the category is a legitimate addition, emphasizing a distinctive gaming style.

In 2023, Steam set a new record for the highest number of games released in a single year, surpassing 14,000 titles. With such an extensive game library, Steam utilizes a robust categorization system to help users navigate the vast storefront and discover games tailored to their preferences. The most recent addition to these categories is the "Boomer Shooter" genre, catering to enthusiasts of classic shooters.

The Boomer Shooter category on Steam comprises games reminiscent of the classic approach seen in the 1993 DOOM. These games often feature fast-paced and intense gameplay, showcasing a variety of unique enemies and providing players with powerful weapons such as super shotguns and grenade launchers. Notably, these games typically exclude sprint features but allow for skillful movement through actions like jumping. Currently, nearly 150 games fall under this category, with popular titles like Ultrakill, Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun, Dusk, and Turbo Overkill.

Steam Unleashes 'Boomer Shooter' Category: Nostalgia-Fueled Blast from the Past Takes Over Gaming 1

The Boomer Shooter genre has witnessed a resurgence in popularity, marked by the release of high-quality titles that harken back to the classic style of shooters. As the gaming community yearns for the nostalgic charm of 1990s shooters, newcomers to the genre have a wealth of well-received games to explore.

Examples of Boomer Shooter Games:

  1. Dusk
  2. Turbo Overkill
  3. Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun

One notable recent release in the Boomer Shooter category is Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun, boasting a commendable 91% rating on Steam. With pixelated yet detailed graphics, the game captures the essence of 1990s shooters, offering an addictive combat loop. This resurgence not only introduces fresh takes on the genre but also presents updated versions of beloved classics.

In addition to new releases, some classic 1990s shooters have received HD ports, enhancing visuals, performance, and introducing new features. Ambitious remasters, such as Black Mesa, reimagine iconic titles like Half-Life, elevating visuals, incorporating new voice acting, and enhancing level design. Despite the challenges of remastering legendary games, Black Mesa's development team has successfully revitalized the classic Half-Life experience.