Genshin Impact's Exclusive Lineup: The Four-Star Heroes Longing for a Spotlight and the Anticipation for Version 4.4

A recent Genshin Impact chart has surfaced, spotlighting the four-star characters that have been absent from event wishes for an extended period. In the upcoming version 4.3, Genshin Impact has announced reruns for characters like Raiden Shogun and Bennett. Kujou Sara, an Electro-type support character, will also make a return in the second phase of the update to assist hyper-carry teams. However, these event-exclusive banners will only be available for a limited time.

Similar to Honkai: Star Rail, Genshin Impact introduces characters in events coinciding with version updates. Each event typically features at least one five-star unit, with an increased drop rate for a limited duration. Notably, players can simultaneously access two different character wishes, providing more flexibility in assembling their party. In addition to these temporary banners, Genshin Impact offers a permanent Wanderlust Invocation banner, boasting over 40 non-event exclusive characters.

A recently released Genshin Impact chart identifies the four-star characters awaiting a rerun after an extended hiatus. Gorou, a Geo-type unit, has not appeared in a rerun for the past nine updates, while Xinyan and Ningguang have been absent for over eight updates. Lesser-known characters like Kaveh and Layla are also overdue for a rerun. It's worth noting that these characters are considered less popular, potentially explaining their prolonged absence from exclusive banners.


Genshin Impact Four-Star Waiting List:

Surprisingly, it has been over a year and a half since Yun Jin, Genshin Impact's Geo Polearm wielder, received a rerun. Characters like Shikanoin Heizu and Yaoyao, absent for five consecutive updates, may not be featured on banners, as suggested by data-mined leaks.

Looking ahead to Genshin Impact version 4.4, a banner featuring new characters and reruns, including Nahida and Xiao, is anticipated. Although previous leaks mentioned Albedo and Yae Miko, their inclusion remains uncertain. Version 4.4 is expected to be significant, introducing the Lantern Rite event and new explorable sections, accompanied by Primogem and Mora rewards. Additionally, the upcoming festival promises a free character, speculated by reputable leakers to be the four-star Pyro-type unit Gaming.