The total value of gaming content on the Steam platform is soon to exceed one million dollars

Soon, the total value of all games available for purchase on the Steam platform will reach the one million dollar mark. This was revealed by analysts who monitor game prices on Valve's platform. According to their data as of January 3rd, the overall price of all gaming projects exceeded $974.8 thousand or $658.9 thousand considering discounts.

The past year proved to be a record-breaking one for Valve. According to information from SteamDB, during this period, 14,533 games were released—more than the total from 2006 to 2016 combined and 1,971 more games than the previous year. However, SteamSpy reports a different number of games for the year 2023: 12,329 games, which is 1,815 more than in 2022.

Throughout 2023, the cost of games in the Steam library increased by approximately $145 thousand. Nevertheless, it's worth noting that outdated projects may be removed from Valve's marketplace for game sales. Thus, prices for games on Steam are not only increasing but also potentially decreasing.