RoboCop: Rogue City Levels Up in 2024 with Anticipated New Game Plus Mode – Fans Rejoice as Nacon Unveils Exciting Update!

Fans of the unexpected hit first-person shooter RoboCop: Rogue City have reason to celebrate as 2024 kicks off. In a recent social media post, publisher Nacon shared the exciting news that the game will be receiving a highly anticipated New Game Plus mode in a forthcoming update. This feature had been one of the most requested additions from the dedicated player community of RoboCop: Rogue City.

Developed by Tayon and launched in November 2023, the game's narrative unfolds between the second and third RoboCop films. Acting as a sequel that seamlessly merges with the movie franchise, players step into the metallic boots of the iconic cyborg law enforcer, patrolling the crime-ridden streets of a futuristic Detroit. From battling gangs to issuing parking citations, RoboCop: Rogue City provides a unique perspective into the life of Alex J. Murphy, the fallen Detroit cop resurrected as the powerful RoboCop. Despite facing ongoing threats from both the city's criminal underworld and the corporate domain of Omni Consumer Products (OCP), RoboCop remains unwavering in his commitment to serve and protect the citizens of this dystopian city.

Boasting an impressive 93% positive rating on Steam, RoboCop: Rogue City emerged as one of the surprise hits of 2023. Buoyed by its success and responsive player feedback, Nacon took to social media to reveal the addition of a New Game Plus mode through a future update. While specific details and release dates were not provided in the announcement, Nacon promised a follow-up in the coming weeks, encouraging players to stay tuned to social media for further information. The commitment to ongoing support for the game months after its initial release bodes well for the gaming community eager to explore this cybernetic adventure.


Traditionally, RoboCop-themed games, spanning back to the NES and Commodore 64 eras, have not enjoyed enduring popularity as movie tie-ins. However, RoboCop: Rogue City breaks this trend by offering an experience that remains faithful to its cinematic inspiration. The inclusion of the iconic Auto 9 pistol and various upgrades throughout the game serves as a testament to the developers' commitment to staying true to the beloved films, with avid fans discovering numerous references.

For those considering acquiring RoboCop: Rogue City on PC, the Steam Winter Sale provides a golden opportunity to grab it at a 30% discount until January 4. With the promise of a forthcoming update, RoboCop enthusiasts have much to anticipate and look forward to in the gaming landscape of 2024.