The cover of the latest issue of Game Informer magazine features an epic artwork of the game Final Fantasy 16

Game Informer's 356th edition is centered around the highly anticipated role-playing game, Final Fantasy XVI, making it the featured topic on the magazine's cover.

The cover showcases Clive Rosfield, the game's main protagonist, standing in front with the eidolon Ifrit positioned behind him. On the back cover, one can spot Clive's brother, Joshua, accompanied by the eidolon Phoenix.

As revealed in the latest issue's announcement, the editorial team paid a visit to the FFXVI development team in Japan. During their visit, they engaged in extensive discussions about the project and had the privilege of playing the game for several hours. A comprehensive article detailing their experience will be presented within the pages of the magazine.

Moreover, Game Informer intends to release additional details and materials about the game throughout the entirety of May.

Final Fantasy XVI is scheduled for an exclusive PlayStation 5 release on June 22nd.