Application for the title of "Game of the Year": Key Highlights from the Preview of Final Fantasy XVI

One of the darkest and most thrilling parts of the series with a unique combat system.

On May 22, 2023, one month before the release of Final Fantasy XVI, leading publications published the final previews of this action RPG. Journalists shared their impressions after spending several hours in the game, highlighting the key aspects.

Final Fantasy XVI begins with stunning scenes, including the participation of eikons - gigantic magical creatures that the heroes can summon. Reviewers noted that after the explosive start, the game gradually slows down its pace to introduce the player to the events and the story. Nevertheless, even in the first hours of gameplay, there will be plenty of battles, including encounters with various bosses.

During the early stages of playing Final Fantasy XVI, there are quite a few cutscenes. One of the authors mentioned that most of them were truly epic. The trailers showcased massive battles involving eikons such as Shiva and Lady Frost.

Almost all reviewers did not consider the beginning of Final Fantasy XVI to be overloaded with cutscenes. According to them, the developers struck an optimal balance between cinematics and action sequences. However, an IGN author mentioned that he wouldn't mind if the pace of cutscenes and dialogues was slightly faster, allowing players to return to battles more quickly. The journalist expressed hope for changes in the full version of the game.

The IGN reviewer emphasized that the battles in Final Fantasy XVI left a strong impression on him due to their impressive effects and dynamic gameplay. It's evident that during the preview version playthrough, he didn't get tired of the combat encounters.

Within the first few hours of gameplay, the journalists encountered at least eight bosses. The reviewers were satisfied with each battle and noted that the enemies were significantly distinct from one another.

Even at the beginning of the game, the protagonist Clive Rosfield possesses an impressive arsenal of magical abilities. Furthermore, the game constantly offers additional skills and abilities that can be developed. The journalists highly praised the combat system and specifically highlighted the convenience of the controls.

After spending some time in larger locations, the reviewers came to the conclusion that the game world in Final Fantasy XVI is not as open as in the previous installment. The author from IGN emphasized that he doesn't see this as a downside since he enjoyed the more linear progression of the game.

In the preview version of Final Fantasy XVI, there were limited opportunities for exploring the locations.

The journalists highly praised the preview version of the game Final Fantasy XVI and particularly commended its dynamic gameplay, including thrilling close combat, as well as its dark storyline and detailed graphics. Several reviewers stated that if the full version of the game maintains the same pace demonstrated in the early stages of gameplay, the action RPG will become one of the frontrunners in the race for "Game of the Year" title.

The release of Final Fantasy XVI is scheduled for June 22, 2023, on PS5.