The storyline in Final Fantasy 16 will avoid repeating the mistakes made in previous installments of the game

The producer of the Final Fantasy series, Naoki Yoshida, has emphasized his primary interest in the future impressions of players regarding the story of Final Fantasy XVI. He assured that this time the plot would feel "complete and beautiful." The team has no intention of repeating the mistakes that disappointed many fans in the storytelling of Final Fantasy XV.

According to Yoshida, a strong focus on an engaging story that resonates with both old and new fans will help Final Fantasy XVI stand out among numerous other games.

In response to the potential release of Final Fantasy XVI-2, game director Hiroshi Takai expressed confidence that the story foundation of Final Fantasy XVI could be sufficient for creating a sequel, but it would be handled by someone else.

A reminder that the release of Final Fantasy XVI is scheduled for June 22nd exclusively on PlayStation 5. Some journalists have already published preliminary reviews of the game, and the developers have expressed their intention to make an impression on the new generation of gamers.

By the way, Final Fantasy XV will not receive the traditional "day one patch" that has become customary in the industry. Square Enix made this decision based on two obvious reasons.