The game 'Final Fantasy 16' has been banned in Saudi Arabia

On Wednesday, May 3rd, the Public Media Committee of Saudi Arabia announced that the role-playing game (RPG) "Final Fantasy 16" will not be released in the country when it launches next month. The regulatory body stated that the reason for the game's absence in the kingdom was the publisher's unwillingness to make required changes.


Although there is no specific reason for the ban yet, Hattan Tawily, the general supervisor of video games, stated in a message published on Tuesday, May 2nd, that the game is on the path to being banned because the company refused to alter its content to comply with the region.


Some speculate that the ban is related to LGBT+ themes, as there were rumors about such content. Last year, due to the relationship between the characters Ellie and Dina, the Public Media Committee did not allow the game "The Last Of Us Part 2" to be launched in the country. However, "Final Fantasy 16" will be released outside of Saudi Arabia on June 22nd for PS5. Recently, NME got a glimpse of the upcoming RPG and was impressed by Square Enix's "captivating new world."