CD Projekt RED stops selling its titles in Russia and Belarus

The Polish studio CD Projekt RED has announced that it will stop selling its titles in Russia and Belarus. The company explained its decision by the fact that Russia had committed an act of military invasion into the territory of neighboring Ukraine.

In light of the Russian military incursion into our neighboring country of Ukraine, CD Projekt RED has taken the decision until further notice to cease all sales of our games to Russia and Belarus. Today, we are starting to work with our partners to suspend digital sales and stop physical shipments of CD Projekt RED products, as well as all games distributed on the GOG platform, in Russia and Belarus.

The entire CD Projekt RED team is firmly on the side of the people of Ukraine. While we are not, and do not aspire to be, a political entity capable of directly influencing public affairs, we believe that commercial entities, when united, can inspire global change in the hearts and minds of adults. We know that the players in Russia and Belarus, people who have nothing to do with the invasion of Ukraine, will be affected by this decision, but with this action we want to further encourage the world community to talk about what is happening in the heart of Europe.

CD Projekt RED is best known for The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077. The company will close access to the purchase of digital copies, and will also remove retail copies from sale.

Note that the Bloober Team studio, which is known for the games Layers of Fear and The Medium, did the same earlier. The company explained its decision by the desire to show full solidarity towards Ukraine.

In addition, Electronic Arts also removed Russia and Russian clubs from FIFA and NHL 22 sports simulators.