EA suspends the sale of its games in Russia and Belarus

Electronic Arts is suspending the sale of its games and content in Russia and Belarus. Note that earlier Electronic Arts removed Russia and Russian clubs from FIFA and NHL 22 sports simulators.

We remain shocked by the conflict unfolding in Ukraine and join the many voices around the world calling for peace and a cessation of hostilities. We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Our main concern is the continued safety of those in the region, especially colleagues and partners, and we are keen to understand how we can best assist them going forward beyond our programs that are already in place.

We have made the decision to stop selling our games and content, including virtual currency packages, in Russia and Belarus while this conflict continues. As a result, our games and content will no longer be available for purchase from our store in the Russian region on Origin or the EA app, including in-game stores. We are also working with our platform partners to remove our games from their stores and stop selling new in-game content in the region.

As this extremely worrisome situation evolves, we are constantly reviewing the steps we can take. In addition to changes to our FIFA and NHL games, we are actively evaluating opportunities in other games and operations and will update with any further action.

Earlier, the Polish studio CD Projekt RED announced that it would stop selling its titles in Russia and Belarus. The studio Bloober Team, which is known for the games Layers of Fear and The Medium, did the same. The company explained its decision by the desire to show full solidarity towards Ukraine.