Philips OneBlade becomes sponsor of Team Gullit

The Dutch eSports organization Team Gullit has announced a partnership agreement with the Philips OneBlade brand. As part of the sponsorship deal, the Philips OneBlade brand will be displayed on Team Gullit jerseys for the duration of the deal.

In addition, professional Team Gullit players will be wearing the new branded jerseys during next season's FIFA tournaments. In the game itself, the Team Gullit kit was featured in previous editions. However, EA Sports has not yet announced whether the organization will be represented in FIFA 23.

Team Gullit is an organization known in narrow circles that specializes in playing in FIFA. As the name implies, the founder of the club is the eminent Dutch footballer Ruud Gullit.

Korne Dubelaar, co-founder of Team Gullit: "Over the years we have been one of the best FIFA teams in the world with several European Championships and national titles to our credit. But we don't just look at talent. We want Team Gullit players to have become icons. That's why there is such a good match with the Philips OneBlade. Together we'll make sure our players look sharp during the FIFA 23 season."

Team Gullit is an intriguing organization in esports as its main focus is to find and develop future talent.

This is far from the first esports-related collaboration for Philips OneBlade, as BIG and Mkers esports organizations are on the list of brand partners. In addition, a few years ago, the brand collaborated with organizations such as Team Heretics and GODSENT.

In turn, the Team Gullit organization cooperates with companies such as HP OMEN, Recast and the MLS club Atlanta United. Earlier this year, the club also joined forces with Samsung.