The teams Falcons, GamerLegion, Spirit, and VP entered into a partnership with BLAST

BLAST has announced a partnership with four more CS 2 teams: Falcons, GamerLegion, Spirit, and

Changes to the BLAST Premier format for the 2024 season involve expanding both the spring and fall groups to 16 teams, with six advancing to the finals and 10 to the showdowns. This will add 2 Bo3 matches to each group, increase the prize pool to $190,000 for each group, and maintain the dates for the finals.

In the newly unified BLAST Premier Showdown, 10 teams will participate alongside the winners of six regional qualifying tournaments, forming a total of 16 teams.

BLAST Premier's Program Director, Andrew Haworth, highlighted, "The addition of new affiliated teams — Falcons, GamerLegion, Spirit, and — expands the pool of BLAST Premier participants. This expansion aims to introduce new talent to esports and provide them with opportunities to perform on the world's biggest esports stages."