Fnatic launches line of tables with ChopValue

British esports organization Fnatic has announced a partnership with ChopValue. As part of the cooperation, the parties will release a line of three REVIVE gaming tables. The main feature of the line will be the use of recyclable materials and adherence to a policy of carbon neutrality.

Pre-orders will begin on September 27 on the ChopValue official website. The brand will release 1,000 limited edition gaming tables, each with a unique number along with the Fnatic brand and ChopValue.

The cheapest models will cost £835 each, while the more massive height-adjustable XL model will cost fans £140. Fans of the esports organization will also be able to personalize their handcrafted table with laser engraved player tags and logo.

ChopValue also makes a range of desktop accessories, from wrist rests to headphone stands. Through the collaboration, the parties are reportedly hoping to repurpose 10 million chopsticks and begin reducing the 57 billion pairs of reusable chopsticks that end up in landfill each year.

It is worth noting that Fnatic announced their first chopstick table with ChopValue back in April for Earth Day 2022. At that time, the club raffled the product among their fans through social networks.

Fnatic is not the first organization to enter into green partnerships. Recently, North American organization FlyQuest partnered with MasterCard to plant trees at key moments in their LCS team's games.