Heroic teams up with Cavea

Danish esports organization Heroic has announced a partnership with audience analytics company Cavea. As part of the partnership, Cavea will use its AI-driven platform to analyze Heroic social media. This is expected to facilitate the transfer of information to the esports organization's partners.

Isikkan Aisev, CEO of Heroic: “Our goal at Heroic is to become a leading global esports brand with high performance, marketing and commercial opportunities. Working with Cavea will enable Heroic to create more value for our fans and partners by enabling us to take a data-driven approach. in our partnership ".

Note that other partners of Cavea are such esports organizations and companies as Astralis, Fnatic, Talon and DreamHack. Earlier this month, the company joined the Danish esports commercial network to highlight esports as a growing market that creates exports and jobs for Denmark. Esports organizations such as Astralis, BLAST and Tricked Esports also participate in this program.

In February, Heroic was acquired by the esports organization Omaken Sports. This acquisition should provide the esports organization with a platform for additional growth globally and in the Nordic region. Heroic also partnered with the Norwegian fish and biotech company Aker BioMarine, whose logo is featured on the team's jersey.