WePlay! announced Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon

The championship will be held from February 19 to 23 in the new registered arena WePlay! in Kiev, Ukraine. The total prize pool will be $300,000 and will be distributed among eight participants.

The group stage will take place from February 19 to February 20 according to the GSL system. There the teams will be divided into two groups of four members each. The first matches will be in Bo1 format, while the rest in Bo3. After the completion of the group stage, only two participants will leave the tournament, who will occupy the last places in their subgroups.

In the final stage, which will be held from February 21 to February 23, the teams will play in double-elimination. All teams will be placed in the upper grid. Teams that are in their groups in 2-3 places will start from the quarter-finals, and teams that lead their groups will go to the semifinals. All playoff matches, with the exception of the grand finals, will be held in a series of up to three victories. The decisive match will be held in Bo5 format.

The first invites received three teams:

The total prize pool of $ 300,000 will be distributed among the teams as follows:

In addition to the main awards, two players who will be marked as the most valuable during the championship will receive $10,000 each. One prize will be for the core, and the other for support.

As for the system for choosing the best player, it will be completed in two stages:

The results will be announced after the completion of the grand final.