The results of the third day of the playoffs The International 2019

Today was perhaps the most eventful and most emotional day in the history of TI9. Of course, there were no special surprises, but the teams gave us a lot of cool highlights, which we will soon forget.

Newbee vs Infamous

Infamous confidently began their confrontation against Newbee.TI and beat the latter on the first map in 25 minutes. The losing team relaxed, thought about how to fix the mistakes, and entered the scene with a good mood. Freed from moral pressure, Newbee took a different approach to the game and pulled out the match in a draw, having won on the second map in 40 minutes. In the end, it did not help them. K1 Hector in this match entered the four most farming Wraith King in the history of professional DotA. Such a performance, of course, helped the Peruvians defeat Newbee and reach the next round of the lower bracket. The American squad took 9-12th place and received a cash prize in excess of $ 676,600.

Team Secret vs Mineski

This match was truly full of surprises. The teams played comeback and push to the throne. This has often been noted by viewers, analysts and commentators. In an interview with one of the Secret players, YapzOr said that Team Secret simply forgot about the existence of barracks. On the first map, Mineski dominated the rivals for a long time and when it was necessary to complete the game, they lost the team fight and Secret immediately launched a counter-attack and won the game. In the second map, the situation repeated itself, only this time Mineski were able to repulse the “secret” counterattack and extended their stay on TI9 with another map. The last card was the most debt with the participation of these teams and ended in victory for Team Secret. Mineski just like Newbee today completed their journey in The International 2019, taking 9-12 places in the tournament. For their efforts, they received a cash prize that would exceed the bar of $ 676,600. It is noteworthy that the newcomer to Mineski, Nikolai 'Nikobaby' Nikolov, who helped the Asians break into the championship, earned about $ 3,000 in his career before TI9. In one performance, he multiplied his prize money by more than 40 times.

PSG.LGD vs Vici Gaming

As for the game between PSG.LGD and Vici Gaming can write tutorials on DotA. PSG.LGD played so cleanly that many felt euphoric from their game. This concerned both micromoments during team fights and the macro game as a whole: Chinese movements were ideal, and the whole confrontation seemed to go under their dictation. Both cards were completed in 42 minutes and ended in victory for PSG.LGD. This match was the only one today, to determine the triumph in which it took only two cards. PSG.LGD again reached the top 3 of The International and secured a minimum prize of $ 3,044,700. VIci Gaming also played very well, but the level of performance of PSG.LGD is several goals higher than their opponents.

OG vs Evil Geniuses

The most intriguing and interesting confrontation of today's gaming day was the duel between OG and Evil Geniuses. There, EG started very well and defeated N0tail and his team in the first map. The Europeans went on vacation between the cards, discussed what they needed to discuss, went on stage as if nothing had happened, smiling, and won on the two remaining cards. It is noteworthy that Evil Geniuses won thanks to the chosen Enchantress. OG did not come up with a bicycle and used the same hero to achieve victory. One thing is not clear: why did the EG, knowing the potential of this character, not ban the Enchantress, but let the Europeans choose it and defeat it?

As a result, we have the following results: